Tripsteri ethical code

Travel is tough for the environment – we know that. People will continue to travel regardless, and a growing middle class will burden destinations more and more. However, the traveling tribes of the future will not be formed based on age and nationality – they will be based on values*. And with some help (from Tripsteri) those values can be harnessed to maximize socio-cultural and economic benefits and minimizing waste in destinations. Tripsteri wants to be the champion for value based travel – making it easy for people to respect local culture and the environment.

Our Tripsteri guides are filled with honest, curated content, and stories that dive deep into the roots of local communities: steering away from the masses, promoting local products and businesses and making sure healthy choices are easily available. We also include popular sites that are important for understanding local heritage, but encourage visiting them by foot, bike or at least by using public transportation. We believe the world will not be changed by banning or moralizing – we believe people will make smart choices if they are made easy and fun. That’s why we invest in new technologies, like audio guides, 360-pictures and virtual reality that enable people to make the trip even from your own sofa. So if you travel – travel with us!

Sustainability is built by making responsible choices – even small ones!

Tripsteri also promotes non-discrimination and equality in travel. All of our writers are committed to following our ethical code.

Our ethical compass

All of our recommendations fulfill one or more aspects from our ethical compass.

  • We promote destinations that are friendly to minorities and pay attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized groups.
  • We promote public transportation, walking or biking in our destinations
  • We promote tours that have as little environmental impact as possible – such as walking or bike tours
  • We aim to include places that have wheelchair access.
  • We promote accommodation at locally owned small hotels
  • We promote accommodation with sustainable and ecological practices.
  • We promote cafes and restaurants by local, small entrepreneurs
  • We promote cafes and restaurants that offer local and seasonal produce, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free alternatives.
  • We do not recommend sights and experiences using child labor or cause pain to animals or destruction to the nature.
  • We warn about places that are very crowded. Masses of people in one place can cause congestion in the local community, and erosion of the nature or historical sites.
  • We promote shops by local entrepreneurs and shops that sell locally produced products and artifacts.
  • We promote ethical and responsible businesses.

With Tripsteri, making responsible choices is easy and fun – enjoy travel while respecting local culture, local life and the nature.

* Amadeus 2017: Future Traveller Tribes 2030